How to drink whisky like a sir

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Hello dear!! Do you like whisky?

When we finish our hard work,
sometimes we’d like to drink whisky in the evening…
You too? Yes! Yu too(゚∀゚)!!

At first, you must watch the video below!
You’ll probably laugh and be surprised
within the beginning of 45 seconds.

how to drink whiskey like a sir

What funny behaviour!!
He threw away the whisky Σ(゚Д゚)!!
and he talks with whisky(ㆁωㆁ*)⁉
I’ve never seen the person who does like that!!!

I’ve found the another video which are also presented by Richard Paterson.
It makes you laugh again, I’m sure.

How to Drink Whisky with Richard Paterson

Did you learn the correct behaviour?
You shouldn’t smell whisky like keeping away from your nose.
If you do that, he’ll kil…

It’s really funny and useful video, isn’t it!
I’ve watched these video more than 10 times.

Anyway, enjoy your whisky(^^♪